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jhoro SMS Gateway


jSMS Server is a Content Provider SMS Gateway server. It’s a single-package-software for SMS Gateways solution. This trusted and tested software package is being used by many of renowned Content service providers in Bangladesh.

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jhoro SMS Subscription


jhoro SMS Subscription Service Software is a Content Provider SMS Solution Module to manage Subscription Based Services. For example Mr. Islam wants to enjoy breaking News or Ms. Baiby wants to get daily Beauty tips etc.

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jhoroStarz: Reality Show MIS is a managed Talent Hunt Reality Show management system.

  • Participants’ registration according to division over SMS is possible.
  • Registration Time controlling from Panel. (open or close session for registration)

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A service provider (SP) organization want to initiate a voice (Call) based support center for the easy of their consumers. So, they plunned to setup an IVR supported call center. For that the sp also arranges numbers (Short code or long code) from respective authority.

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muthoYway by jhoro is a WAP off portal for Content Service Provider with mobile operators charging gayway integration facilities. Hence a service provider can easily provide their content services and generate revenue as well from mobile subscribers easily. Our Wap Can also Integrate with 3G VOD content as well.

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infoErrupter (excel2SMS)

  • One click away form sending multi-sms
  • No software installaion needed
  • No need of techno knowledge
  • Instant delivery report
  • SMS with own brand

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