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Our mission is to always provide innovative and cost-effective software solutions that address your business goals and enhance productivity and performance. And we are not talking about some off-the-shelf one-size-fits-all software products.


  • ◊ Data Synchronization
  • ◊ Software Solutions
  • ◊ Customized Solutions
  • ◊ Data Synchronization

Web Application


We understand the power of the Internet, and tailor-make dynamic web applications, aesthetic website designs and sit-up-and-take-notice web promotions that help take your business places. We provide web services to small and medium businesses, non-profit organizations, and even individuals who want their own personal website.


  • ◊ Web Designing
  • ◊ Web Development
  • ◊ Web Promotions
  • ◊ Web Hosting & Maintenance
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We are the most reliable organization providing consultancy service in Software Engineering and Value Added Service sector in Bangladesh.  We develop creative and effective service excellence, sales and marketing strategies. Our experience and practical service excellence and sales plans drive customer loyalty, revenue growth and bottom line profits for leading companies in the Bangladesh. Our client list includes many of the most competitive and successful brands across the Television Channels, FMG, Content Provider Company, real estate, development, retail, association and manufacturing industries.

Real-world experience is the key to our success. Through hundreds of assignments, we’ve worked with leaders, innovators and top talent in the country. Our diverse consulting assignments give us valuable insight and perspective keeping us continually engaged with the current trends, best practices, and changing dynamics in the marketplace.

We are constantly exposed to new ideas and leading-edge technology and bring that added value perspective to each of our clients. Our proactive approach, realistic solutions and strong customer relationships make jhoroTEK a valued partner, resource and advisor.

Our creative solutions include:


  • ◊ Branding & Corporate Identity with ShortCode.
  • ◊ Corporate call-center solution.
  • ◊ Product Promotion via VAS.
  • ◊ Feedback From Market or Customer.